Launch gURLs is a global organization that helps teen girls become entrepreneurs, harness the power of digital technology, and build the confidence needed to succeed in their futures.

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About Launch gURLs

Let’s Get Real…

When girls are given the opportunity, they can do anything they set their minds to. Time and time again, girls have proven that no barrier will stop them. Launch gURLs is here to let girls know that they are not alone. We know they have the potential to achieve their dreams, and we simply provide resources and support to help them along the way.

Launch gURLs is first and foremost a community connecting girls around the world to the information, resources, and support they need to unlock their potential as creators and leaders. Girls have the chance to develop digital, entrepreneurial, and leadership skills, while also gaining confidence and creating a global support network. Launch gURLs is building a world where all girls have the confidence and skills to succeed in their futures.

Entrepreneurial Skills
Problem solving, innovation, marketing, networking, business savvy. Entrepreneurial skills are about much more than running your own business, they are about identifying and solving problems that real people face. With an entrepreneurial mindset, girls will be able to develop solutions for themselves, their communities and beyond!

Leadership Skills
Leadership is much more than being the person in charge. From having the confidence to take the lead to understanding and utilizing different method of leadership, Launch gURLs helps girls IDEAS find and ignite their inner Leaders.

Digital Skills
Amazon, Google, TikTok, Instagram - these are just a few of the tech companies revolutionizing our lives. The more our lives become centered around our smartphones, social media, and other technology, the more we see how tech is key to our futures. Launch gURLs is here to help girls take advantage of all the opportunities tech can offer when fully understood. We're all about moving beyond simply being consumer in the digital world to being creators.

What do Beyonce, Michelle Obama, Padma Lakshmi, and Lupita Nyong'o have in common? They are strong successful women who exude confidence. With confidence, girls understand the value of their potential and know that they have what it takes to succeed. Members of the Launch gURLs Community gain that same confidence through our programming and mentorship.

Take the first step

Become a Girl Boss

Girl Boss is Launch gURLs’ introduction to entrepreneurship from identifying a problem to creating a business solution. During the 10-week program, girls build their business solutions through weekly interactive curriculum and with help from a vibrant digital community of peers and Girl Boss Advisors, women from around the world with business backgrounds. Girls emerge with a business plan and pitch along with an entrepreneurial mindset, digital proficiency, and the confidence needed to solve complex problems.
Our Team Members

Our Creative Team

Meet the amazing women who work together to keep this organization running.

Averil Spencer
Chief Executive Officer
Agata Rutkowska-Mandava
Chief Program Officer
Neha Sahu
Chief Operating Officer
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